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About us


The Playgroup is a registered charity run by a committee of parents and affiliated members. It has been based at St Helen's Church since 1987 with one staff member, Sue Way, being involved since the very beginning.


Playgroups differ from Parent and Toddler groups in that parents/carers do not stay during the session but leave their child in the care of fully trained staff. Each child has a Key Person who works closely with the child and their family to ensure that they are happy and settled. The Key Person will monitor the child's progress through Playgroup creating a unique Learning Journey which the child will take with them when they move on to school.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with the emphasis being on learning through play.


Children are encouraged to ask questions, develop skills, explore the world around them and use their imagination. Supported play enables staff to extend a child's knowledge and understanding, improve their communication skills and, ultimately, gain in confidence.

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